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Nutritional Select
We offer Gluten Free and Vegan options of some of our most popular cakes.

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Seasonal Favorites

Chocolate Tuxedo Select
Available gluten free and vegan! We dare you to taste the difference from the traditional version! All equally delicious and super-moist. Our gluten free version boasts three different types of chocolate. 
Carrot Harvest Select
Available gluten free and vegan!  All the goodness of a traditional carrot cake, but kicked up with added harvest goodies. The gluten free version is topped with a cream cheese frosting. The vegan friendly option utilizes a cream cheese substitute. 
​Essence of Citron
Gluten Free: Very refreshing! This is a new creation for Especially Cakes. This gluten free cake is layered in lemon flavor and covered in a lemon buttercream frosting. Hand picked lemons makes this a special treat. 

Chocolate Butterscoth Bars
Gluten Free and ridiculously delicious! You'll start a riot if you run out of these! As the name suggests, the bars are made with a gluten free cookie crust and topped with chocolate, butterscotch & coconut. 
​Double Chocolate Brownies
​Key Lime Cheesecake
Gluten Free and delicious. A chocolate lovers delight. The texture is a perfect blend of chocolate fudge and chocolate cake.

Our newest creation and it's already a customer favorite. All the richness of our original cheesecake with all the tang of lime juice.

​Caramel Pound Cake
Extremely gooey and fantastically good. The difference between the gluten free version and it's traditional counterpart is indistinguishable. It's like eating a caramel candy bar. .be sure to have plenty of napkins!

​Pumpkin Bread
​Eggnog Cheesecake
We can't even keep this in stock throughout the holidays.  Customers are still requesting this bread at Easter! Available in mini and traditional loafs.

We are famous for our cheesecake! We are sure you'll love this one just as much.  Regularly requested at the holidays and available in traditional form in addition to gluten free. Instead of Graham Crackers, we make a gluten free shortbread cookie crust which brings an added level of sweetness to this treat. 

​New York Cheesecake
Our company brand was built in part on this cheesecake! We've never changed our recipe. Yes, it's the best cheesecake you have ever tasted! Period.